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20+ Simply Amazing DIY Candles You Can Make

The existence of candles can be traced way back the times of the ancient Egyptians. Back then, bull rushes were dipped in tallow to create one. Later on, the Romans modified the candle by using a wick. Aside from lighting homes, candles were mainly used for rituals, worship and aid for night travels. Even today, […]

35 Most Popular Makeup Vanity Table Designs

Vanity tables with mirrors have been around since the 1800s, being favored by people in both the United Kingdom and United States. The set is very convenient for storing jewelries, makeup, hair products, and other body products. The more drawers a vanity table has, the more convenient it is for storing our belongings. In different […]

30+ Awesome Christmas Tree Decoration Ideas

Some of the most creative and unique christmas tree decorating ideas are actually the ones that are the cheapest. Don’t think for a minute that decorating a tree, whether it be an artificial tree, a wall mounted tree or a real tree has to be boring! The key is to use your imagination to come […]