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20+ Simply Amazing DIY Candles You Can Make

The existence of candles can be traced way back the times of the ancient Egyptians. Back then, bull rushes were dipped in tallow to create one. Later on, the Romans modified the candle by using a wick. Aside from lighting homes, candles were mainly used for rituals, worship and aid for night travels. Even today, […]


Having curly hairstyles can be difficult to treat. It seems that people want hairstyles with curly hair and those with hair curly hairstyles want. The hairstyle can be a pain. One way to do this is curly hairstyles by going to your local store of beauty and make you make a permanent basis. Getting a […]

39 Drop Dead Gorgeous Updos for Long Hair

I have been experimenting with different updos over the past month for different lengths of hair. I finally came up with a perfect updo for long hair. I think this hairstyle could be worn to a fancy dinner or to a relaxing day on the beach. If you add flowers, sparkly bobby pins, or headband […]

40 Sexy Short Hairstyles to Turn Heads This Summer 2020

Most people agree that having a good hair day can do much to improve your mood and confidence. Many complain however, that those good hair days are so very rare! Having the right hairstyle can no doubt increase the odds and make life much easier. A well-cut short hairstyle can draw the eye to your […]

40+ Sexy Shoulder Length Haircuts for Summer

We all want to look stylish and feel star like. Most of us follow our favorite stars religiously and try to look like them on some occasions. When we have to decide what to wear to a wedding or a big event we turn to them for fashion advice and go though their past appearances […]

27 Flower Crown Accessories For You

Flower crowns amplify any bridal hairstyle in addition to being totally on-trend.Celebrate the season’s return by ogling these amazing flower crowns. A Big, Bright Bohemian Flower Crown. Something Sweet and Simple. Flower crowns bring fresh, natural beauty to your bridal look. Want to know how to make a flower crown? If youre looking for some […]

21 Portraits of Most Beautiful Women with Flowers

One of the best, and easiest, ways to bring a smile to a woman’s face is to give her flowers. But to a lot of guys these things may be pretty and frilly, but they have absolutely zero practical use, unlike a television or a car for example. “What’s the deal?” you may be thinking. […]

29 Trending Purple Lipstick Shades for 2019

Do you welcome the original style, never worry because of the small problems and always find a way out from difficult situations. You’re used to do everything on time, and to solve problems on the spot. Make-up artists advise such girls to choose a purple lipstick with a crimson hue or shade of cyclamen. The […]

35 Most Popular Makeup Vanity Table Designs

Vanity tables with mirrors have been around since the 1800s, being favored by people in both the United Kingdom and United States. The set is very convenient for storing jewelries, makeup, hair products, and other body products. The more drawers a vanity table has, the more convenient it is for storing our belongings. In different […]